Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jewellery Making Workshop - April 20

Hello All,

After almost 7 hours of jewellery-making, laughing, talking, and eating, the jewellery making workshop turned out to be one of the best we've had so far :) Here are some of the moments from the workshop....

Vandana and Aparna, terribly busy.....

Richa Battles a mosquito as Krithika wipes her brow :D

Busy at work.....

Really busy.....

And a light Cornetto moment during the lunch break :)

Aparna is busy creating a stash

Divleen is almost completely in love with whites and reds.....

Shalini is all purple today :)

Divleen's beautiful turquoise set :)

We make everyone focus, focus and focus

Krithika's Roohafza is waiting as she works with her wires and beads

Work on, full flow

Vandana's Focus was contagious

Krithika with her "blues" ;)

Working with seed beads is no easy task

Divleen makes a neat stash!

Exuberant SHalini Bhatia's smile catches on!

Aparna ditches the offer to be dropped in favour of finishing her jewellery :)

All smiles Vandana :)

And all smiles Krithika

THe pretty pretty Manasa

And that's all of us :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Off to Singapore.........

Hello All,

When an e-mail from someone completely unknown to us comes by, requesting a customized product, we squeal in delight. This time, the order came in from Singapore. Sharon was kind enough to give us as much leeway as a client could possibly provide :)

Here are the results, a name plate for her house.......thanks a million Sharon

Some close-ups :)

And some work-in-progress photos.........