Friday, November 29, 2013

An end and a beginning....

Hello All,

This post is our last post for a little while to come......Art'zire is moving to Bangalore. We will be temporarily away from the buzz but back we shall come and that too, soon. In the mean time, here is a long pending order, made for a very sweet lady from London. It's her daughter she wanted sketched. So, here we go :)

Take care and see you all very soon


Monday, October 28, 2013

Quilled Name Plate

Hello All,

As we come to a close of our tenure at Pune, here is one of our last orders.......a quilled name plate for our esteemed client, Ruhani, who put her unwavering faith in us and allowed us a freehand at designing and executing this name plate.....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Like it? Click it, Buy it!

Hello All,

Art'zire announces its collaboration with an innovative online selling portal called Jambhool, who have taken ordering customized ordering to the next level...........integrating Skype in their website so you can talk directly to us about what you want us to do for you! :)

So, hop by today to our Seller Page, select your favourites and click away to possess the beauties! Apologies for the limited number of products listed there so far. We are still in the baby steps stage of online selling :)

Your feedback and suggestions (and also, wishlist for what all we should list there) are more than welcome!!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colour Me Bright........

Hello All,

Are you an ardent quillographer?
Are you and ardent quiller?
Do you wish you had great quilling strips, that wouldn't be too thick or too thin, that would have bright colours, that are fade resistant?

Art'zire launches its dual range of strips, generic quilling strips and quillography on for more.....

Quillography Strips

Text quilling/Typographic Quilling/Quillography is quilling where individual paper strips need to stand by themselves. This needs the paper to be thick so that it can stand by itself.

Art'zire brings to you paper strips specially meant for quillography, so you don't have to settle for thinner paper (after all, your effort need not go waste if the slightest of the pressure bends the strips) or, cut your own paper strips (an unarguably tedious task).......the strips are available in 17 colours (white and black in addition to the colours below)


Width - 4 mm
Length - 297 mm
Weight of the paper - 220 gsm

Available as a pack of 300 strips (20 of each of the 15 colours above) for Rs. 900 (Rs. 3 per strip). Black and white (since they are used more often) can be bought in as many numbers as desired, for Rs. 2 per strip.

Hurry now, limited number of packs available........

Generic Quilling Strips


No. of colours - 32
Width - 3 mm
Length - 297 mm
Weight of the paper - 80 gsm

Available as a pack of 1020 strips (30 strips per colour, except for black, white and chocolate brown, which are 50 strips per pack) for Rs. 500

Hurry now, limited number of packs available........ 

For ordering, please write to or call us at 9096421638 for more details/queries........

Example images of quillography:

 Examples of quilling that can be done using generic quilling strips:


Monday, June 24, 2013

Art'zire at Pragati Foundation

Dear All,

When a chance meeting took place at Phoenix Mall with women being trained by Pragati Foundation, there was nothing concrete planned but Art'zire is proud of having developed their association with the Foundation  into a long-lasting association. Founder and Artist at Art'zire, Pritesh is spearheading this campaign of empowering the women living in slums of Chikhalwadi, Pune with  not just the expertise of jewellery making, but all the aspects of running a business.

The total package of training includes communicating with clients, packaging, information about raw material, colour theory education, exposure to better materials and more clients, designing, marketing etc. In a series of workshops held once every 15 days, Art'zire has helped these women with newer and more contemporary techniques of jewellery-making, including bead weaving, wire bending, handling crimping etc. The meteoric rise in the quality of jewellery being produced by these women and the confident smiles on their faces make the entire exercise an extreme pleasure for Art'zire.

Art'zire is now on its way to helping these women launch a full fledged enterprise, named Laavanya Jewellery, with well-defined roles assigned to various members of the Group. You shall soon see their creations on online selling portals that Art'zire is in talks with.

It gives us extreme joy to see the path these women have travelled and how far they have come in a short span of 3 months. We wish to thank Suchitra Iyer, for her whole-hearted support during the workshops and Pragati Foundation, for giving us this opportunity to create employment opportunities for under-privileged women.

We present here some snippets from the workshops held so far:

Very soon, we'll post updates related to "Laavanya Jewellery"...........

Regards - Pritesh

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quilled National Bird :)

Dear All,

Quilling the national bird is no easy task, specially when the bird has such a myriad range of colours over itself that it is both an artist's dream and nightmare to make it, form of Art notwithstanding. Since time immemorial, the bird has caught the fancy of many an artist. When a request for a quilled peacock fell in Art'zire's lap, it was taken up as a challenge, for at Art'zire, we revel in challenging pushing our limits and creating projects that leave us with a happy feeling of having put in our best.......

So, here goes the quilled national bird, or rather, shall we say that this is our take on it? It is near impossible to replicate the regal bird's plume, we think :) For anyone who is interested, more anecdotal and personal stories are in this post :)

Art'zire thanks our client for providing us with this opportunity and also, the beautiful jute based background :)

Stay Creative........

Founder & Artist
+91 9096421638

Monday, April 29, 2013

PhD Completion gift

Hello All,

Art'zire proudly presents the first quilling frame, a gift for someone's PhD completion :) The image was provided by the client but has been adapted to quilling. For the first time, Art'zire mixes painting and quilling, to make a special project for someone who has slogged for years and is nearing the end of the journey full of hard-work, struggle and perseverance :)

Thanks to the client, for having faith is us and ordering this frame :)

Pritesh (Founder & Artist at Art'zire)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Customize, Personalize, Artify.......Art'zire you must try

Hello World,

Thank you so much for all your love on the Art'zire's FB page.......the response has been overwhelming and I'm humbled by the faith shown by you all. I wish to thank every single one of you, for dropping by, for liking, for commenting, for giving constructive feedback, for everything!

And here is a little bit about Art'zire......

At Art'zire, the core belief is that everyone ought to feel special. Every creation needs to be special. Unlike 'bulk' creations, Art'zire strives to become a niche business where you come in with your criteria and go out with a product, that meets as many criteria out of yours as we can manage to meet. In short, we don't create a product for you, we create an experience.

Art'zire is largely managed by Dr. (Mrs.) Pritesh, but has freelancers contributing as well, and is based in Pune. With the advent of Internet distances have ceased to matter! Art'zire caters to clients from all over the world and to various tastes.

Try us with what you have in mind. We work closely in association with you, listening to your ideas, pooling in our inputs and giving it our best to artify "your" ideas........

We are new, we are small but we are open to experimenting. So, if you want jewellery, visiting cards, invitation cards, logo designs, customized gift frames or anything that involves creating something special and unique, we are all ears.........try us......for we believe in your ideas..............and in artifying them :)


(Founder, Art'zire)

PS: Art'zire commits itself to creating a transparent network of artists where every artist who creates for us will get a fair share of the final selling price, specially the underprivileged artists/artists from far flung areas who often end up being buried under layers of middlemen and get paid peanuts for fine pieces of Art.