Monday, October 28, 2013

Quilled Name Plate

Hello All,

As we come to a close of our tenure at Pune, here is one of our last orders.......a quilled name plate for our esteemed client, Ruhani, who put her unwavering faith in us and allowed us a freehand at designing and executing this name plate.....


  1. I love it Pritesh. I am a huge fan of your quilled typography , it inspires me.

  2. Pritesh, you did an amazing job! I love the colors and the elegant lines! I like how you changed the yellow tight coils into orange ones, the paisleys stand out more like this!


  3. Its... its... awesome... In summer vacation I am coming for the classes 100%....

  4. its very fascinating, can u tell me the ideal size and cost my id-

  5. Its really attractive... Some of the aluminium nameplate manufacturer produce these types of the design in metal sheets.Keep updating different quilled nameplates regularly.


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