Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seattle Skyline, off to Seattle.....

Hello All,

Art'zire, in collaboration with Rock, Paper & Scissors, proudly presents our biggest creation so far...........

Seattle City's skyline..........

And here is the "trivia" about the painting.......

Total number of hours of work: 368
Area: 5.5 feet by 3 feet
Total number of quilling strips used: ~ 27000 (if joined end to end, they are about 8 km in length)
Creators: Richa Kapre (Founder at Rock, Paper & Scissors) and Pritesh (Founder & Artist at Art'zire)
Time taken: ~ 25 days

Some more snapshots

Since we have been working incessantly on this giant painting, we beg for a little break before the nitbits and a whole lot more elaborate post comes up on Quilling Me Softly............

Thanks Suchitra & Satish, for giving us this opportunity..............

Happy Quilling

Richa & Pritesh


  1. Amazingly beautiful. U r a true inspiration for everyone. Gud luck mam. I m such a big fan of ur work.

  2. couldn't believe my eyes Pritesh - hats off to you & Richa

  3. Amazing..!! couldnt take eyes off. cant believe its paper.

  4. So many beehiving - you ppl rock, it will be great inspiration to many, thanks for being a friend. Feeling Happy & Hugs to both of you

  5. Hi Pritesh...What a great, wonderful work you've done......!!! I know, I am using simple adjectives to express the beauty of your work, but really your work amazed me as much as the real beauty of ( saw photographs only...but...) Seattle- city- skyline..Yes.... It is spectacular dear...

  6. Omg! Breathtakingly beautiful. Hats off to you guys

  7. woow !!! Pritish this is amazing!! Never cease to amaze me!!! Congratz!!!! I love it!!

  8. Pritesh, you have outdone yourself! What a stunning masterpiece! I hope you booked some time with a massage therapist to help with a tired back, fingers, and neck. I love all the colorful fall leaves - exactly what autumn looks like in the Westcoast. Looking forward to the follow up details. I suspect you can keep looking closer and closer and seeing all the small thoughtful touches you've instilled in it.

  9. Pritesh you have outdone yourself! I hope you have booked a massage therapist to help ease your back, fingers, and neck. You've captured the colorful leaves of autumn beautifully. Looking forward to seeing the follow up details!

  10. So, everything has already been said! I am immensely honored that you allow me tracking the progress of this fantastic work! Congratulations once again! Get some rest! You deserve it!

  11. lovely....! hats off to you both.....!

  12. This is truly MAGIC!! Just Wowwwwwwwwwww!!

    You have a lot lot lot of patience and I can imagine the hardwork behind this masterpiece!

  13. This is truly a Magic!! Hats off to your patience and creativity.
    I have reached to semifinal round of Gallery Idol.Please vote for me if you like my card.

  14. Hi Prithesh,
    I'm totally stunned by your works and this one so particularly that I cant explain how good it is.....its just awesome!!!awesome!!!awesome!!!
    Hats off n keep going your great works.....


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