Friday, December 11, 2015

Jiya dhadak dhadak jaaye

Hello Folks,

It all started with a heartbeat! We were given a whole range of choices from chemistry molecules of Caffeine, Insulin, Heme, t-RNA ( Transfer Ribonucleic Acid). Having done the first three, at the t-RNA, we were a little handicapped by the intricacy of the design so we opted for another unusual one out of the odd 15 ideas that were presented to us - Electrocardiogram (ECG).
While doing a polymer clay workshop for a technique called 'Skinner blend', we deliberately chose these colours. The transition started from Wasabi Green into Jungle Green and finally, Black.

We had been itching to use our glow in the dark clay, and this presented the perfect opportunity. The glow in the dark comes from the phosphorescence property of this clay. The only challenge was glow in the dark came in only Sculpey 3, which if you have used polymer clay before, is an extremely soft clay. Using a scale, we approximately marked a reduced size graph, as in the reference image. and then plotted the sinus rhythm, all complete with a heart!!!

Then we faced our old enemy, Symmetry!!! When one is as easy the second one always becomes difficult when it has to be an exact mirror image. We managed that too! Now they are ready to dangle away in someone's ears soon!!!

Photography was a little bit tricky, to catch the exact glow of the clay! The principle of phosphorescence came in handy again - that is, the clay would continue to "glow" even after light source has been switched off. And it's just a matter of a fraction of a second, within which to take the photo. Using our expensive mobile phones, we managed to do that too! The Samsung S5 played the role of our Camera, and the iPhone 4S as a torch and then, we capitalize on that "one tiny slice of time" to show us the glowing heartbeat. In the end we got it just right, didn't we? 

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