Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cuteness overload - Overnight - Literally............

Hello All,

When this order landed in our kitty, we were already hard-pressed for time! The time was less, the order elaborate and criteria, almost limiting........

But well, a challenge or two is fodder for our, we set off on this journey. Just shy of banning of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes, we purchased the steel glasses (Thank God!) and started! And within less than 24 hours (and a sleepless night), we had the glasses going.............just so a little boy can have his birthday return gifts by Sunday!

 Happy drinking in customized glasses :D

- Art'zire


  1. Beautiful designs. These customized glasses are perfect for gifting children at any occasion. Thanks for sharing these cute designs.
    Customized USB in Dubai

  2. Guys can you send polymer clay to oversees locations? i have a relative in Australia and they need polymer clay and the price there is too high, so i wanted to ask if u have any such services......

  3. Hi! I was interested in placing order for these glasses. Love them. Wanted to know the price and the choice of available designs. Thanks in advance!


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