Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Customize, Personalize, Artify.......Art'zire you must try

Hello World,

Thank you so much for all your love on the Art'zire's FB page.......the response has been overwhelming and I'm humbled by the faith shown by you all. I wish to thank every single one of you, for dropping by, for liking, for commenting, for giving constructive feedback, for everything!

And here is a little bit about Art'zire......

At Art'zire, the core belief is that everyone ought to feel special. Every creation needs to be special. Unlike 'bulk' creations, Art'zire strives to become a niche business where you come in with your criteria and go out with a product, that meets as many criteria out of yours as we can manage to meet. In short, we don't create a product for you, we create an experience.

Art'zire is largely managed by Dr. (Mrs.) Pritesh, but has freelancers contributing as well, and is based in Pune. With the advent of Internet distances have ceased to matter! Art'zire caters to clients from all over the world and to various tastes.

Try us with what you have in mind. We work closely in association with you, listening to your ideas, pooling in our inputs and giving it our best to artify "your" ideas........

We are new, we are small but we are open to experimenting. So, if you want jewellery, visiting cards, invitation cards, logo designs, customized gift frames or anything that involves creating something special and unique, we are all ears.........try us......for we believe in your ideas..............and in artifying them :)


(Founder, Art'zire)

PS: Art'zire commits itself to creating a transparent network of artists where every artist who creates for us will get a fair share of the final selling price, specially the underprivileged artists/artists from far flung areas who often end up being buried under layers of middlemen and get paid peanuts for fine pieces of Art.


Art'zire values your feedback, in any and every form.........because we know that it is you who can help us get better. Thank you for taking the time out and leaving your comments here......Pritesh (Founder)