Monday, April 29, 2013

PhD Completion gift

Hello All,

Art'zire proudly presents the first quilling frame, a gift for someone's PhD completion :) The image was provided by the client but has been adapted to quilling. For the first time, Art'zire mixes painting and quilling, to make a special project for someone who has slogged for years and is nearing the end of the journey full of hard-work, struggle and perseverance :)

Thanks to the client, for having faith is us and ordering this frame :)

Pritesh (Founder & Artist at Art'zire)


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Contours and letters are extraordinary! Bingo!

  2. Awesome. ... can you please post d tutorial for this?

  3. I'm sure they loved it, your lines are so perfect and your letters are beautiful, I'd be shaking to much trying to place everything !!!

  4. WOWWW!! If I ever saw perfection it is your work Pritesh!! You and Manuela Koosch are the most amazing quillists of our time.

    About the hard work though, this is most likely the beginning of a trek on another hard road !!



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