Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quilled National Bird :)

Dear All,

Quilling the national bird is no easy task, specially when the bird has such a myriad range of colours over itself that it is both an artist's dream and nightmare to make it, form of Art notwithstanding. Since time immemorial, the bird has caught the fancy of many an artist. When a request for a quilled peacock fell in Art'zire's lap, it was taken up as a challenge, for at Art'zire, we revel in challenging pushing our limits and creating projects that leave us with a happy feeling of having put in our best.......

So, here goes the quilled national bird, or rather, shall we say that this is our take on it? It is near impossible to replicate the regal bird's plume, we think :) For anyone who is interested, more anecdotal and personal stories are in this post :)

Art'zire thanks our client for providing us with this opportunity and also, the beautiful jute based background :)

Stay Creative........

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