Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A compilation like never before.....

Hello All,

Every once in a while, we feel challenged! And surprisingly, we welcome such opportunities. Challenges are an excellent time to feel isky about oneself. And they are the ideal time to convert a difficulty into a golden is all about perspective! Whenever we get an order from Preethi, our collective hearts take a leap! A leap of fear and a leap of faith...........fear because we know that whatever we knew so far is about to be put to test. And faith because we delve into the unknown.

Right from the nascent stages of paper jewellery development, we've had Preethi's unwavering support. She's trusted us where few others have! She's given us so much free-hand that our nearly aesthetic selves are willing to believe in angels guarding over us.........and we could pay no higher compliment to her.

In this order, we have a compilation of 3 completely 'untried' styles........

When we had picked up Naulakha, we had vague knowledge of painting (and securing) Tanjore on polymer clay. We knew about the difficulties of using red (and its cousin colours, orange, maroon, magenta) on polymer clay. What we did not know was how we were going to overcome this problem. After a great deal of brainstorming, we did figure the process out and it took two people two full days to get this piece working (that's nearly 40 work hours), apart from planning and testing, that took a few days before we even touched this piece. A systematic and detailed analysis of various components was done before this piece was made and well, the results of the thoroughness is for all to see :)

Now, if you've been following us, you'd know that we make a LOT of peacocks (many many more than we'd ever like to!). It so happens that most of these peacocks were made for Preethi! So, once her collection had peacocks in all fathomable shapes, sizes and techniques, it was a time to break off from the routine. What the break was going to be, we didn't know.......and it turned out to be Kerala Mural style painting. The "half-stuck" Swarovski pearl style was a first for us and we dare say we like it, a great deal too.....

And ah! The star of our innovation of late......

We have been practicing our wire weaving just to culminate to this moment where we can bring wire weaving together with polymer clay. The design began with the sunset colour blend in clay. Then we worked on the shape and size of the design so as to incorporate the wires. We didn’t intend it to look like a beetle , but more like a tulip :). When we brought the wires in, some hammered to give a slight aged look and some wrapped to give it strength, it ended up being very bugsy wugsy. Our first and fairly uncomplicated design with a strong string to give it an urbane look.   

And WHAT a colourful compilation it became when it finally headed off to Preethi!

Thank you for dropping by! 

Love, Art'zire

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  1. I think this is one of the best compilations we have done so far!


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