Sunday, April 15, 2018

India goes to Spain

Hello All,

How many times does it happen that you just meet people you resonate with? Very rarely, right? We were fortunate enough to bump into a beautiful soul like that recently and the connection felt instant.....

When she called us and told us she wanted to come over, we were a bit hesitant. Anyone who ever lived in Bangalore would understand why we don't want anyone to wade through tar-like traffic of Bangalore, but then, she was insistent. Once she stepped over our threshold, we understood the reason for the insistence. It was the most unusual request ever made of us.........she wanted an ear cuff for one ear and a stud for another. While most people flinch at the idea of wacky, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It took a while to break out of the asymmetry mold we were so firmly cast in, it was a delight once we started work on it.

The order was delivered and well, we kinda pushed it out of our minds. Then happened a cake for the 2nd anniversary of Eat Street, Koramangala and she was there! Chance meeting and a quick catch-up revealed that she was heading for a wedding to Spain and that the Spanish bride was going for Indian attire for her wedding.......

Upon further discussion, it was revealed that our dear friend had convinced the bride out of buying Pakistani attire, boasting of how beautiful Indian attire also is :D Now, THIS became a matter of prestige! The stakes felt higher than ever........we had to deliver the best we could, and in a limited time frame (we got just a week to make the set).......and the criteria were more than one

  • Light weight
  • Intricate
  • Not too big
  • Dull Gold
  • No peach/red colour (as the entire dress was peach, and red was a big no no)
  • The stud stick had to be really thin
  • Plenty of bling, without being overpowering

Now, you can imagine how many techniques could give us happy results with this many criteria at play! In times of crisis, we always fall back on filigree, because it comes to us so naturally and to enhance the look, we chose Peridot Swarovskis to give a "jadau" effect......

The earring dangler are all of 2.8 cm long and the stud is 1.4 all our usual work surface standards, this was miniscule, but this was no time for second thoughts........

So, here we present for Emma's wedding, our take on extremely Indian tradition - Indo-EspaƱa.......with all our love, wishing you a very happy, adventurous and memorable married life....

The dress it was to match with

And some more WIP photos :)

Our Razia Sultana dons the maan tikka :D

And, of course, the set that started this unique relationship..........

Love - Art'zire Team.......

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